Using a laser cutter I’m able to design a series of unique greeting cards that I produce and sell under the Laser Eye Shop brand. This new tool allows me to play with typography, and I enjoy mixing the use of intricate geometric patterns while exploring the medium’s negative/positive spaces. I love picking out papers, colors, and textures. It creates an opportunity to use every hue in the color wheel to experiment with all aspects of stationery design.

All of these greeting cards are created using a stack of paper, and/or a piece of plywood. Getting the machine to produce the results I envision is a process of trial and error that connects me to the end product on a personal level.


The invites featured here were made using the laser cutting machine while mixing it with some print components.

– Adobe Illustrator
– Laser Cutter
– Vinyl Cutter

– Paper
– Craft Plywood
– Custom Envelopes