Laser Eye Shop


NoDá Design Studio started as a company that offers a wide range of creative services with a focus on Laser Cutting and Engraving. Their passion for design led to the creation of their own product line. LASER EYE SHOP features a range of laser cut and engraved home products, greeting cards, games, gadgets, accessories, and other handmade gifts.


– Creative Direction
– Art Direction
– Branding
– Web Design
– Web Development
– Industrial Design
– E-Commerce
– Space Planning
– Visual Merchandising


– Adobe Dreamweaver
– Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe Illustrator
– Adobe InDesign

– Adobe XD
– WordPress
– Woo-Commerce
– Laser Cutter


I wanted to create a logo that would align with some powerful imagery that exists in the world. I decided to reference the Eye of Providence. It is a well-known symbol that is both recognizable and memorable. I thought it worked great with the concept of LASER EYE and it gave the brand the initial push to stand out among other competitors.


Using a Content Managing System (WordPress) I created an online store for the brand. I took advantage of some free plugins like Woo-Commerce, and I was able to integrate check out services as well existing POS platforms like Square. The page became the go-to place for the brand. I also created and managed an ETSY version of this store. Using both to promote and sell products and custom product services. The page is responsive in design and it includes some interactive components like a contact form and product catalog.


Having a social media presence was key to driving shoppers to our online stores. While being part of Artists and Fleas in Soho, I was tasked with posting 3 times a week. It gave me the opportunity to generate relevant content that would be posted on Instagram and Facebook. The creative direction for our social media page was to showcase some of our products as well as the custom illustrations that we produced on a weekly basis.


Selling at local markets presented new design challenges. We were given a small space to sell our products, and we had to maximize it to make the most out of it. Going beyond package design was a great artistic experience for me. I was tasked with generating floor plans, table displays, signage, visual merchandising, as well as visualizing and creating an overall customer experience.

Below are some examples of how I translated our brand identity from sketch to reality, and how the design needed to be adjusted according to our different selling locations.




Taking the brand into a trade show required all of my design skills and much more. I adapted the retail experience to be more of a showroom destination. I focused mainly on having a product line sheet ready as well as stationary material like business cards, order forms, and other contracts. I designed and built the tradeshow booth, and I used it as an opportunity to get product feedback.