Kyle + Tatiana
Wedding Invitations


Kyle and Tatiana wanted to create a wedding invitation that could reach both young friends and mature family members. I created a two-version invite that worked great with their main goal. The difference between the two invites would be the way people would RSVP. The larger version of the invite would be used for the older members of the family, and I created a digital version where the younger audience could RSVP online.


– Creative Direction
– Art Direction
– UX Strategy
– Branding
– Web Design
– Web Development


– Adobe Dreamweaver
– Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe Illustrator
– Laser Cutter
– Vinyl Cutter


The traditional version of the invite included a mail-in response option for the guest’s RSVP. This size was considered to be the large version and it featured a laser-cut pattern on a metallic cover paper. I was able to design and produced each of these invitations using a laser cutting machine, an X-acto knife, and some other craft materials. 


The smaller version of the invite was given to most people. It was an A2 size version that included a link to the wedding’s online page. The website had the RSVP and registry options. See Below.


The online page ( was the destination for all invitees. It featured a countdown clock to the big day, all of the information for the ceremony and reception, as well as a registry component. Tatiana and Kyle preferred any type of gift to be a dollar donation towards their first home. The page had a Paypal button where people could send money directly to the bride and groom. 

The wedding was considered a destination wedding. The landing page provided visitors with information for their trip to Puerto Rico, and all details for the wedding ceremony and reception.