Amazon – Naked Juice

Pepsi Co. - Naked Juice

The main goal of these ads is to use the wake screen to deliver the campaign message. The platform allowed for a call to action button to drive users to a video landing page.

We created a landing page that features video content and a call to “Donate Now” that drives the user to the existing advertisers landing page, where they submit their email to receive a $1 OFF coupon.

Mobile Platforms

For the mobile portion of this campaign, a static banner triggered the Rich Media Banner expansion. The expanded web banner delivered a campaign message with video content. The users interacted by tapping on the DONATE NOW call to action, which took them to an existing advertising page where they input their email to receive a $1 OFF coupon. The campaign updated throughout the ad cycle as new videos were rolled out (a total of 3 videos rolled out for this campaign).