PicTours – Iceland


PicTours – Iceland offers private photography expeditions around the southwestern-most tip of Iceland, also known as Reykjanes. Their mission is to combine the hobbies of internal tourism and photography to deliver and help document unique experiences.


– Creative Direction
– Art Direction
– UX Strategy
– Branding
– Web Design
– Web Development
– CMS MGMT (Blog)
– E-Commerce


– Adobe Dreamweaver
– Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe Illustrator
– Adobe Lightroom

– Adobe XD
– WordPress
– Woo-Commerce


The brand identity features large typography and minimal iconography. The goal was to convey the feeling of adventure and being in the wilderness.

The original logo solution included some reindeer antlers, following a local fun fact that reindeers are not native to Iceland. They were brought in from Norway in the 18th century and they now live in the Western part of Iceland. The idea was to spark the conversation of “What could be found in Iceland that only locals know about?”

The final solution includes the silhouette of a mountain. It is straightforward and more accurate to the Rekjanes region. The colors were sampled from the overall tones of the Icelandic landscapes.


The content for the digital platforms was generated from existing tour images. The marketing strategy was influential in nature as it revolved around using existing content generated by the customers to advertise the experience of the tours. The campaign focus was to give customers an insight of what the tours look like, their group sizes, and unique destinations. The content was pitched as billboard placements but it was ultimately featured on the company’s digital platforms.


The company’s website is used to display tour information, bookings, as well as listing and selling special offers and tour packages. The design was laid out using photoshop and the output would be a responsive HTML page. A CMS solution was implemented for the e-commerce portion of the page. The client can list tour packages, special promotions, and any other type of “products” on the page. The use of a special plugin (woo-commerce) facilitates the handling of all sales transactions.


– CSS (Responsive)
– E-Commerce
– Photo Galleries
– Parallax Images
– Company Info / Tour Offers
– Photography Blog
– Social Media Features
– Contact Form